"Missing you hurting me so badly tonight."

But still miss you… (via findinghopeinhopeless)

"So here it comes again: that moment when my eyes feel swollen and the only thing running through my mind is your name. I miss you. I miss how your fingers ran down my back and how mine intertwined with your hair. I miss your shy little smiles through the gentle light of the sunrise while we were laying in bed, firmly holding each other. I remember how I longed for your kisses and how you covered my cheeks with them, and I remember how soft was your skin and how beautiful you looked. Your absence brings tears to my eyes as I’m writing these stupid words, and I feel like a part of me left with you when you told me you didn’t want me anymore. I spent countless nights alone in the dark, asking myself “where the fuck have you gone?” and not finding the answer to my question. Truth is, you still hold my shattered soul. It’s tied up to your throat, and I remember seeing it crash against every bad word you said. I’ll never forget my heartbeat going faster as you leaned in to kiss me, it was like a thunderstorm in my chest. I miss you like a flower misses sun. I feel rotten. Stepped upon. There’s a hole in my heart and I know it’s exactly where you used to be. You’ve been the love of my life until now, and since you been gone I continuously lose myself in this blackened emptiness you left me in. Come back and pick me up."

another sunrise without you (via alternative-is-the-new-ordinary)